Thursday, January 14, 2010

Video Detail of Preview the Movie


Preview the Movie is the idea in the making for a movie consisting of 13 different trailers for fake movies created by talented independent movie makers or directors. The creators are able to make any type of trailer for any genre completely open to any creative movie idea with any cast, idea, or title they choose.
After Preview is a finished product it will be pitched to semi big independent movie companies to be adopted for showings or festivals. If the movie is a growing success amongst the independent movie scene the idea is that directors or movie producers will come to the creators of these trailers to either buy the rights to make the trailers for a real full length movie or ask the creator to help them in making it a full length movie. If Preview makes money, the earnings will be spread out amongst the creators of the trailers.
All 13 trailer slots are still open, if you think you or somebody you know is a great movie maker please send your name, email, and links to recent works so that I can see what kind of video work you or your friend does. Please send information before March 15, 2010. After March 15th the artists for all slots will be announced and those artist should get to work on creating the trailer. After trailers are submitted, they will be put together back to back with small edits between the trailers and finally be a movie that is just 13 trailers for fake movies created by some of the most creative underground film/video artists.

Please email me at if you have questions about the movie.

Click Image or read bellow for details.

To artist, videographer, or director,

This is the presentation of the idea for the movie idea called Preview. Preview is a movie based on the art of the making of trailers for a movie. It will be a movie set to have 13 trailers for movies that do not exist. All 13 trailer slots will be done by different film and video artists(including directors). The point of this is to present full focus on the creativity and art of trailer making. One of the pleasures of going to see movies in theaters is to watch trailers for upcoming movies.

The full focus on this movie is to present a new idea to movie making. This is a chance for talented videographers and directors to get more noticed. Hopefully, the artists will move on to more jobs in video and film to help pave the way to their own success. Another point of the film, is to present a new audience feeling. If the trailers are successful and get audience members hyped to watch the full length movie, the audience is not able to actually see the movie because it doesn’t exist. However, now that the idea for these movies will be out there and Preview becomes a independent movie seen by many, other directors and videographers might come along to ask for the rights to actually make it a full length movie or possibly ask you to help in making it a full length movie. Many movie companies and popular directors look to invest in these original type of ideas. (Note: This will also be good for musicians and bands looking to get noticed if music is in the trailers)

I will be looking for sponsors along the way. I will also be looking for movie companies to pitch the idea to. Once the project is finished and perfect the movie will be easy to pitch. With countless possible film festivals around, this movie is sure to make one of them.

This is an investment for artists time and creativity. When the movie is finished, the money it makes will be spread out amongst the artists. If it becomes a huge success, I am sure some of you will be reached out to by bigger companies and directors. Help make yourself noticed.

All interested film/videographers, directors, and artists should submit their name, email, recent works, portfolio, or videos(or anything that we can look at to determine what type of video work you have done in the past) to

Please submit your information before March 15, 2010.